Moose Jaw Regina Industrial Corridor received SMA Award

The Saskatchewan Municipal Awards (SMA) and Selection Committee awarded the eight municipalities from the Moose Jaw Regina Industrial Corridor, the Regional Cooperation award. The Regional Cooperation award is given to urban and rural municipalities who work together. The member municipalities who have supported sustained economic development in the Moose Jaw Regina Industrial Corridor, include the cities of Moose Jaw and Regina, the town of Pense, the villages of Grand Coulee and Belle Plaine and the rural municipalities of Sherwood, No. 159; Pense, No. 160 and Moose Jaw, No. 161. The five urban municipalities received their award at the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association’s annual meeting in Saskatoon this week. The three rural municipalities received theirs at the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities’ convention last November.

“The Moose Jaw Regina Industrial Corridor is very pleased to see their member municipalities receive this award in recognition of the cooperation over many years”, said Dale Heenan, Chair of the Corridor. “The knowledge and experience combined with the dedication of the member municipalities along with a strong provincial economy has seen increased interest in the Corridor. The Corridor would also like to thank the many organizations who supported this initiative.”

Heenan says, “We would also like to congratulate the other three winning recipients of this year’s SMA awards.” First place winner went to the Rural Municipalities of Baildon, Hillsborough, Rodgers, Caron and Moose Jaw. Second place went to the city of Moose Jaw and third place went to the town of Lumsden.