The eight municipalities that make up the Corridor came together to form a Moose Jaw-Regina Industrial Corridor Stakeholders Committee, including a Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between the participating municipalities. This level of unprecedented regional cooperation in support of industry expansion makes the region particularly attractive for development as it reduces the number of municipalities that an organization must deal with and streamlines the community interaction.

This provides many advantages for investment including land use, zoning, bylaws, infrastructure management, environmental considerations, subdivisions and the creation of industrial parks or industrial estates. This plan will also guide policy recommendations to improve the investment process for companies, reduce red tape, and create one-stop shopping for companies looking to locate in the Corridor. With regard to industrial development, the draft Official District Plan recommended three key development nodes within the Corridor:

Transportation – focused on the Global Transportation Hub
Heavy Industry – focused in Belle Plaine, and
Manufacturing – focusing just east of Moose Jaw to the north and south of the TransCanada Highway.

Schematic Industrial Nodes and Fundamental Major Road Networks


Source:  MJ-Regina Land Use Concepts Draft – May 31, 2011, DGMercer Eco Research

Land Use Planning

The Official District Plan guides the Corridor’s development in regard to land use, zoning, services and infrastructure, subdivisions and overall development. Once the plan is adopted, all development within the Corridor will have to conform to the Plan and its policies.

The creation of a District Plan for the Corridor will provide the Corridor with a governance structure that has largely been lacking. It creates an authority for the Corridor and a legal structure through which to manage the Corridor’s growth. This will be a critical step in the Corridor’s ongoing development.


Contact the following for more information on regional tax incentives:

  • Regina Regional Opportunities Commission (306) 789-5099
  • Moose Jaw Economic Development (306) 693-7332
  • Or Ministry of the Economy (306) 787-0972