Live and Work in the Corridor


The Corridor is renowned for its lifestyle advantages, friendly people, and natural wonders. From the CFL’s most well supported team to the historic ambiance of Moose Jaw the Corridor has all the advantages of a major western city combined with a friendly rural atmosphere. Great restaurants, tourism attractions, world-class university, urban and rural parks, spas, and sports make for great downtime activities. With a booming economy the Corridor offers a wide variety of well-paid employment in all fields.

In terms of economic advantages, according to the 2012 KPMG Competitive Alternatives Study, Moose Jaw placed first having the lowest business costs among 33 Midwest U.S. and Western Canadian cities (Texas to the Canadian Prairies) included in the study. (Regina also placed an impressive 4th in the same study).

The City of Regina also has a web page dedicated to the quality of life in Regina. This page notes the advantages of prairie living and gives readers a chance to learn about living in Regina.

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